I’m Dreaming Of A Fowl Christmas

It was Saturday night last night. I had the house to myself. My son was at his father’s, I’d finished the orders for work and my time was my own. Yippee! Should I go out and catch up with friends? Should I go and see some live music? Should I go to a movie? NO WAY!  Much better idea! Get into jammies, get into bed and read my new book  – ‘Backyard Poultry  – Naturally’ by Alanna Moore… well naturally!

I have a grand plan. My grand plan involves my small inner city backyard and as much home grown food,  enjoyment and laughter that I can possibly jam into it! So far, I’ve built a raised garden bed in the sunniest part of the yard. We have a huge gum tree with a swing from one of the branches and a sandpit for dump-truck and excavator adventures. My next project – a big one – is gonna be fowl. I’ve hatched a plan for a hen house (bad pun intended) in the south west corner of our yard under the gum tree. Four lovely hens are planned to move into their “luxury” accommodation just in time for Christmas!

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