The Chicken’s In The Oven!

Connections just happen sometimes don’t they? You know when you’ve been thinking about something or someone for a little while and then suddenly the thing or person you were thinking about turns up? That happens to me a lot. It kind of happened to me again two days ago. I’ve been thinking about getting chickens for months now but I need a hen house. Not just any old hen house. I need a kinda kooky, original element to make the hen house fun and interesting. Then on Sunday afternoon, my 2 1/2 year old son and I were invited to a BBQ at another Mum’s house.

The afternoon was going swimmingly when, in passing conversation there is mention of a circa 1960 wall oven removed from the kitchen a few days previous. Being a lover and collector of vintage “stuff” my ears pricked up and my heart beat a little faster than it should have at the mention of broken white goods… I inquired to the whereabouts of said vintage oven – oh boy, it was in the driveway under a cover – YES! It was in immaculate condition and was enormous. It had all of it’s original knobs and dials and no chipped enamel but it’s EXTREMELY HEAVY!… What could I use an old oven for?? Where could I put it?? What could I put in it??… CHICKENS! This could be the perfect accessory for the hen house! Will take build knowledgeable handy person ’round to investigate in the next couple of days. My idea is to perhaps use the front panel only so you get the aesthetic… we’ll see in the next few days!

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