Polly Put The Kettle On – and Murder a Weed!

To kill unwanted weeds quickly:

Weeds growing through cracks in paths or through pavers are annoying! For instant results poor boiling water directly onto the weed. Wait until they are cool or have turned brown to remove!

Polly Put The Kettle On (Image by Ethel Everett – Old Nursery Rhymes – Boston Public Library)

4 thoughts on “Polly Put The Kettle On – and Murder a Weed!”

  1. But I usually use DDT with my little adopted Chinese toddler to help. Are you saying your method is more effective? I’ll have to try your method out. Do I need protective clothing? 😯

  2. Will this work on any weed Megsie? I’m afraid I’ve blown my nature lovin’ cover already this year with a vicious application of proprietry weed killer – I’d love to go organo on the ‘bugger orf’ weed issue but you know – the mean stuff really does do it’s mean job… I will try the hot water approach and report back from blighty…

    1. Hi Miss Luli, great question! This method works on the majority of weeds but you may find weeds with bulbs a little trickier. You can also try white vinegar poured or painted onto weeds – it’s very effective too. Weed removal after the initial killin’ is necessary so the nasty little blighters don’t regenerate!

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