Toddlers aren’t renowned for their ability to share. Mine is no exception.

However, I have found one particular area where toddlers are quite happy to share the love. Illness. Any particular illness will do. The indomitable toddler will kiss and cuddle you, clutch and slober-over your food. Put their fingers in your mouth, nose, ears, eyes then cough or sneeze in your face.

My gorgeous boy has just had croup for the second time in 2 months. Poor little guy. He loves his Mummy sooo much he shared! Just lucky I’m a grown-up or the neighbours would think we just bought 2 German Shepherds!

My Toys!

By the way, I found that propping him up on 2 pillows and using a vapouriser at night helped immensely with his cough. Looks like I’ll be buying a matching one!

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