Court Day

I wrote a post on Saturday sharing my current personal situation.

Today is Court Day.

I was really stressed all weekend about going to court. I even woke up with a stonker of a headache on Sunday after falling asleep thinking about it.

I received a letter from my lawyer yesterday which was both pleasing and shocking. I was pleased to learn that I didn’t have to attend the hearing today as this session is only about the judge giving direction for the case. The direction will be (as it has to be for family matters in NSW, Australia) for both parties to attend mediation and attempt to come to an agreement.  The shocking part was the bill! I suppose I shouldn’t be shocked – lawyers really know how to charge. Thankfully she is reasonable and we have a payment plan agreement. It just looks like I might be paying her off for a very long time! Lol.

Now I can concentrate on the important stuff today – picking a winner in the Melbourne Cup!

Champagne anyone??

Champagne Anyone?

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