Do You Like Shoes, Booze And A Great Story?

Me too!

Self confessed shoe addict and prolific word-smith Louise, fuses the most important parts of her life – shoes, booze and great stories on her blog shoboome to create entertaining, captivating and bloody clever yarns!

Louise has been writing for a long long time and this is her newest baby. Fresh, witty and edgy –  it takes the reader on journeys you never expected. It’s food not only for the reader but the writer too. Louise shares her gritty creativity and generously, she shares the methods and techniques of how she gets there. Writing exercises and hard-hitting pep talk for the procrastinators amongst us, round out this great new site.

Pop on over and check out shoboome – Shoes, Booze and Me. By Louise!

Oooh sparkly! (Image Courtesy of Getty)

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