Lemon Fresh – Fresh And Shiny Refrigerator – Part 2

Yesterday I had a great suggestion in a comment from Cari – an awesome Montessori teacher you can check out on her Montessori Blog.

I just had to share this one so no one would miss it.

Cari suggested cutting a lemon in half and scooping out the flesh. Then filling the lemon half with bicarb soda. Pop that little baby into the back of one of your fridge shelves and not only does the fridge stay fresh but smells gorgeously citrusy!

Top Tip Cari – thanks so much!

If anyone else has a great tip they would like to share or a comment they’d like to make, please do so! I’d love to hear from you!

Megs 🙂

Lisbon Lemons (Photo: Marco del Grande)

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