It’s Here!

There’s a buzz in our house this morning. No, we haven’t bought a bee hive over the weekend (although…). We have been waiting for 3 months for today to arrive. We’ve counted down the “sleeps” all week and finally the day is here. We go on our farm-stay today!

A 500 acre Hereford Cattle Stud – Ride ‘Em Cowboy!


5 ish days (I say “ish” cos there are two 1/2 days) and 4 glorious nights of egg collectin’, lamb pattin’, pig cuddlin’, cow milkin’, rooster crowin’, cow-pat lovin’ country fresh goodness! YeeeeeHah!

This means I will be taking a short break from my new blogging sojourn to have my first proper job adventure with my son. I’ll be back soon with all the low-down of our crazy country crusade!

See ya soon!


Green Acres Is The Place To Be!

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