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Brussels a go-go! Hugh has been a busy man in the last few days!

Hugh and his team took the fishfight directly to the policy makers, set up a giant screen outside of the Conference Building opposite the European Commission, and his viral video was playing all day!

This is a little snippet from Hugh’s review.

Fishery stakeholders from all over Europe were present, and many of them agreed to join the Fish Fight Campaign. The discard issue was raised throughout the day, during various debates and presentations. It was a great way to launch the campaign, in Brussels, right at the heart of policy making.

According to an EU paper in 2007, between 40% and 60% of all fish caught by trawls in the North Sea are being discarded.

For obvious reasons, fishermen hate discards. Conservationists hate them too. Even politicians don’t like them. But they are an unavoidable consequence of theHugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

current Common Fisheries Policy and the quota system. is the website and campaign hub which will accompany the series and continue its work over the coming months.

We do not seek to dictate policy, merely the consequences of policy. By signing up to our campaign you will be writing directly to the policy makers in Europe.

And you will help to ensure that a reformed CFP has the elimination of discards as a primary objective. Thank you so much for your support. Please spread the word!

Sign up here:


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