Backyard Chicken Coop Build – Part 1

Christmas is hurtling towards us like a freight train with no brakes, spare time is diminishing faster than the champagne at Christmas lunch with the in-laws and the weather on the East Coast is more unreliable than a Catholic Priest at choir practice.  This weekend I realised it was time to get my ass outside and get the backyard chicken coop building mission well and truly under way.


So, armed with a shovel, a couple of garden trowels, a John Deer Dump-truck  (courtesy of Mr D), a Polish immigrant who'll work for food and a blanket (that might be a little bit of a fib to add intrigue and controversy… she's an incredibly bright chemical engineer in full employment with our governments blessing) and a dash of child labour (believe me – it's totally over-rated 😉 – yes, more cheap controversy), the clearing of the chicken coop site began in earnest.


The area behind our giant gum tree was used by previous tenants as a compost heap so every now and then a pumpkin vine or a tomato plant will emerge from the middle of the wasteland and attempt to reproduce. This thankfully makes the soil fertile enough to move to a strip of land at the side of the house that needs some fill after the house next-door was finished being built. Rotten gum tree leaves and bark might make it a bit challenging to grow some things but I'll give it a red hot go.

The house is about 80 years old and back in the day when garbage collection didn't exist, it appears this spot was also used as a bit of a dumping ground for unwanted household items, broken crockery etc. We have already found numerous pippi shells, buried bricks, a spoon, broken glass and bottles, broken roof tiles etc and we haven't finished our excavation yet!

Weather permitting and if my Polish friend is still talking to me – excavation and possible construction is the mission for this weekend. 🙂




P.S Mr D didn't actually slave over a hot 'n' dirty dump-truck all day – he ended up playing in the sand-pit. As I mentioned above – child labour- over rated! 😉

Megs X

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