Confessions Of A Busy Single Mum

Sometimes, I don't give Mr D the attention he deserves. Being the only person to wash, cook, clean, sooth, nurse, play, shop, work  (I work 20hrs per week to bring in a little extra cash) and now blog, means that I tend to spread myself a little thin in some areas. This week I realised it was in the area of play with Mr D.

I've been so focused on learning how to blog and organising Christmas for Mr D and my friend who's arriving from Ireland on Christmas Eve – and how to pay for it all, that I lost sight of the present moment. The Quote of the Day by Diana Loomans from "If I Had My Child To Raise Over Again" posted 23rd November 2010 really hit home to me.

So, this week Mr D and I have been spending loads of time together doing fun stuff. We've made playdough, gone to Nanna's for bubble baths, been to the beach, played in the paddle pool, built robots, had bike rides, made ginger bread men and read loads of books.


Playdough, trucks and a green smoothie – life's good!


The blogging has been a bit light on, but my boy is much happier and more agreeable than ever. Now it's up to me to work out that elusive dream of balance – I'm getting there.

Living in the present moment – I totally recommend it!

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