Backyard Chicken Coop Build Part 2

On Sunday, I was grateful for an inaccurate weather prediction! A crazy morning meant resuming our amateur landscaping project began later than planned… All the while expecting a turbulent summer storm to turn our buckets of soil into sticky mud pies.  One of our small team of 3 would have actually enjoyed that!

I Can See You But You Can't See Me!

My trusty Polish immigrant, my not so trusty child labourer and myself took to the excavation site with gusto and a generous dash of silliness. Mr D was “helping” the excavation with his digger while Miss D and I got stuck into the shovel and garden fork action.

These Polish Girls Really Know How To Work!

We filled bucket after bucket of decomposed leaf litter and relocated the “soil” to various places around the house and garden that needed an earthy top up.

Check Out Miss D's Guns!

Like any good excavation, archeological evidence of civilizations past gradually emerged as we dug deeper. We found several old bricks, tea bag gauze (what high quality material were they making teabags out of back in the day?), tomato sauce single serve plastic containers, masonite, glass and 3 spoons – one of which has some markings on it which look possibly religious, something to research perhaps…

Backyard Treasures

The summer rains passed us by – I would have liked a little cascading rainfall after our project was completed. It would have freshened everything and settled the fine dust particles that seem endemic in coastal city soil. As a good friend of mine always says – “mustn’t grumble”!

The Finished Backyard Chicken Coop Site!
Now All We Need Is A Chicken Coop And Some Chickens!

25 Days Until Christmas…

Megs X

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