Quick Chicken Update

There is much excitement in the house! I Just secured a chicken coop from ebay. Check it out. I hope it’s a good as it looks after I put it together!

Total Luxury At A Low Cost! Thankyou Petitude!

On Friday my Kiwi (New Zealander) pal and I knocked up triffic li’l chook fence to protect my small vegie patch from the attack of the killer chickens. It seemed almost pointless at the time  as my vegie patch has not been kind to me so far this spring (I’m going to blame it on the late spring here in Oz). Bless Ms A – she works just as hard as my Polish friend! Must be an immigrant thing, you know, gotta feel like they’re worth the paperwork! 😉

That's a Damn Fine Chook Fence!

Not bad for a couple of star pickets, some chicken wire and some cable ties! I LOVE cable ties. Whoever invented them is a genius! All done in about 1hr!

Ms A, Mr D and I also did a little make-over at the front of the house. I had a planter box that has been empty since I bought it about 3 years ago! Miss D and I filled it with dodgy soil from under the gum tree while we were excavating the chicken coop site and while I was at the hardware store getting the materials for the fence, I found a bunch of cheap little pot plants to create colour. I snapped the little babies up and headed home for the makeover. Unfortunately I didn’t have enough money left to get some mulch but I’ll sort that next week.

Firstly we needed to add some organic matter so I put a couple of buckets of compost in. The soils was really water repellent so I added litres of liquid soil wetter and the 3 of us churned it through. Mr D had his own self-invented method for mixing…

Can Ya Dig It Baby?

It turned into such a slurry. I put a lot of organic matter and earth worms into it so I’m crossing my fingers that it’ll improve sufficiently to keep these experimental specimens alive.

Perdy Flowers

The strappy plants in the pots beside the planter were given to me by a neighbour. I love the pink edges!



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