Thank Heavens A Settlement Has Been Reached!

A few weeks ago I shared my feelings about the property settlement I had been trying to achieve with my not-so-interested Ex (and father of my son).

It’s an enormous relief to be able to share the news of a result!

We went to mediation yesterday. I felt quite a lot of anxiety about coming face to face with my Ex to negotiate him giving me my money back.  He has not wanted to give me a cent! Unexpectedly, we were able to reach an agreement reasonably quickly and with minimal angst. I can’t express the calmness and solace I now feel in the knowledge that the fight and the wait (it felt like an eternity) was worth it. It’s over!

Thank you lovely lawyer – you cost a bomb but now I know you were worth it!

It’s a beautiful day here on the East Coast. I’m taking Mr D to the beach. Later, we’ll make a Christmas cake. Life was good, but life just got a whole lot better! It will be a truly Merry Christmas for us this year!

Merewether Beach Image Courtesy Of "Newcastle AU"


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