Raise The Roof! Chicken Coop Arrival and Assembly Shenanigans

Finally, I have been able to get through all the madness of Christmas and the New Year and write a post about the arrival and construction of the chicken coop and the arrival of the much anticipated chickens.

The coop arrived on the Tuesday before Christmas – just in the nick of time – I had arranged to pick up the chickens the following day! Not much time to attend to any problems we may have encountered with the build!

The coop was flat packed in 2 boxes and I needed a hand to assemble the pieces. So, with speed and haste my  trusty new assistant Ms A (another Ms A – this Ms A hails from the U.S of A.. . seems like everyone wants to live in Australia!) arrived. As Ms A only had 2hrs to spare we were pushed for time should anything go wrong. We discovered that the chicken house didn't have an inbuilt floor so had to make an emergency dash to the hardware store to purchase a sheet of wire mesh to build the coop on top of. I bought a packet of cable ties to tie the coop to the mesh so it would be vermin and dog proof.

The instructions were a single piece of A4 paper with 4 diagrams – the coop in various stages of construction with some arrows with letters and numbers indicating which screws went in which pre-drilled holes. Shit.

At first Ms A and I just looked at each other in disbelief! We decided to pull all of the pieces out of the boxes and place them around the site, leaning them against fences and potted plants in roughly the orientations they would be fixed in. Then we spotted the small knobs of dowell sticking out of many of the pieces and the corresponding holes on other pieces – success! This made the assembly much easier, the coop fitted together easier than expected and we put it together in about 1.5hrs, including the trip to the hardware store. I was really impressed how easy it came together in the end – and it really looks as good as the one in the picture from ebay!

Wow – Completion!


And the biggest bonus of the build… Mr D i mean Farmer D, got to make a farmhouse and a shed out of the boxes at the end of the build! Yay for cardboard boxes!

Farmer D's farmhouse in back and shed in the foreground.


Farmhouse in the foreground


I brought the girls home the following afternoon, so the lovely ladies have a beautiful new home. I couldn't resist getting more than 2 chickens so… I've ended up with 4… 2 Plymouth Rocks as I wanted – Verlie and Leila, and 2 Bantam Rhode Island Reds – Mable and Lily. All good family names. They are getting on marvelously so far. They are only 12 weeks old so no eggs yet. Stay tuned, I won't be able to contain my eggcitement (pun intended) the moment the first egg appears!

The girls enjoying their new home!


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