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Getting Back On Track

I have a confession to make.

I have not been inspired to write.

The “Festy” period got me.

Thankfully, the festy season is over!

I had a wonderfully quiet Christmas with just a few family around me. Mr D went with his father for a couple of nights so I had a much needed, relaxing break. Just enough to recharge before the madness began again with my good friend Rita arriving from chilly Ireland on the Wednesday after Christmas.

After 10 daze of pure indulgence and uncharacteristic partying, I am finally beginning to return to a normal schedule. I am still struggling with inspiration. I’m sure it will return soon.

I ate too much.

I drank too much.

I had a lot of fun.

I am de-toxing.

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Thank Heavens A Settlement Has Been Reached!

A few weeks ago I shared my feelings about the property settlement I had been trying to achieve with my not-so-interested Ex (and father of my son).

It’s an enormous relief to be able to share the news of a result!

We went to mediation yesterday. I felt quite a lot of anxiety about coming face to face with my Ex to negotiate him giving me my money back.  He has not wanted to give me a cent! Unexpectedly, we were able to reach an agreement reasonably quickly and with minimal angst. I can’t express the calmness and solace I now feel in the knowledge that the fight and the wait (it felt like an eternity) was worth it. It’s over!

Thank you lovely lawyer – you cost a bomb but now I know you were worth it!

It’s a beautiful day here on the East Coast. I’m taking Mr D to the beach. Later, we’ll make a Christmas cake. Life was good, but life just got a whole lot better! It will be a truly Merry Christmas for us this year!

Merewether Beach Image Courtesy Of "Newcastle AU"


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Merry Christmas


Down Home On The Farm

“I hear the train a comin’. It’s rollin’ ’round the bend. And I ain’t seen the sunshine, Since, I don’t know when…” Sing it for me Johnny. Louder now!

“Farm Mama, Mama Faaaaaarm, Moo Moo’s Mama, Mama Moooooo Mooo’s, Ooh Neigh Neigh Mama, Mama Faaaaaaaarm, Farm Mama!”.

Louder Johnny – c’mon baby, not much further now.

Big sign – Ashmar Farmstay. Big sigh. We’re here! Gravel crunching under tyres, bull dust flying like a bridal veil behind us, heavenly emerald green pastures embrace us, tranquility is inhaled with every earthy breath I take. Meanwhile, a frenzy of farmyard possibilities is forming in Mr D’s toddler mind as he absorbs the countless unfamiliar sights worthy of pioneering exploration…

It Doesn't Get Much Better Than this!

As I swing the car into the small car parking area and turn the motor off, a man appears wearing an old baseball cap, a broad grin and smiling blue eyes. I open the door. “Hello, you must be Megan, I’m Ian”.  It honestly felt like we’d come home.

Ian showed us to the self contained heritage cottage set in a beautiful country garden with spectacular views across his property and beyond. It was so quaint – and absolutely spotless! The cottage has 3 bedrooms and can sleep up to 12. The best bit? It’s the only cottage on the property – you get to have your farmstay all to yourself!

Country Quaint A-Go-Go

Our 4 nights at the award winning Ashmar Farmstay was simply the perfect break for our little family. We were joined by some good friends with a couple of kids which made for plenty of laughs and adventures for all.

The pioneering explorer discovered a few new pieces of machinery – one particular item of focus was a brand new big red tractor! The joy on Mr D’s face was priceless! The highlight was definitely the hay ride around the 500 acre property – a big red tractor and just plain old good fun!

Brand New Shiny Tractor!

The highlight was definitely the hay ride around the 500 acre property – a big red tractor and just plain old good fun!

Hay Ride Shennanigans

The kids delighted in the amazing collection of baby and not-so-baby animals. The miniature horses and kooky looking alpacas were particular favourites!

Honey the Miniature Horse and admirers
All Together Everyone… Awwwwwww!

We loved it so much, we’ll be heading back next year! Thank you Gayle and Ian, we had a magical time.

It’s Here!

There’s a buzz in our house this morning. No, we haven’t bought a bee hive over the weekend (although…). We have been waiting for 3 months for today to arrive. We’ve counted down the “sleeps” all week and finally the day is here. We go on our farm-stay today!

A 500 acre Hereford Cattle Stud – Ride ‘Em Cowboy!


5 ish days (I say “ish” cos there are two 1/2 days) and 4 glorious nights of egg collectin’, lamb pattin’, pig cuddlin’, cow milkin’, rooster crowin’, cow-pat lovin’ country fresh goodness! YeeeeeHah!

This means I will be taking a short break from my new blogging sojourn to have my first proper job adventure with my son. I’ll be back soon with all the low-down of our crazy country crusade!

See ya soon!


Green Acres Is The Place To Be!

Gnat Flash!

My eyesight ain’t what it used to be…

Black gnats on a background of damp potting mix in a dark corner on a rainy day… Not the easiest things to spot unless there’s millions of the pesky varmints jumping around, which leads me to the conclusion that either nigh on all of them died making a break for freedom at the window or they’re hunkered down doing some seriously dirty dancing and tending their fledgling flock.

Hmmmm I hope it’s the former…

How Cool Is This Photo! Check out Perce-Neige at - she rocks!

Court Day

I wrote a post on Saturday sharing my current personal situation.

Today is Court Day.

I was really stressed all weekend about going to court. I even woke up with a stonker of a headache on Sunday after falling asleep thinking about it.

I received a letter from my lawyer yesterday which was both pleasing and shocking. I was pleased to learn that I didn’t have to attend the hearing today as this session is only about the judge giving direction for the case. The direction will be (as it has to be for family matters in NSW, Australia) for both parties to attend mediation and attempt to come to an agreement.  The shocking part was the bill! I suppose I shouldn’t be shocked – lawyers really know how to charge. Thankfully she is reasonable and we have a payment plan agreement. It just looks like I might be paying her off for a very long time! Lol.

Now I can concentrate on the important stuff today – picking a winner in the Melbourne Cup!

Champagne anyone??

Champagne Anyone?

Driving Me Gnats!

This morning I checked my fungus gnat infested Yucca… Not Happy Jan! There are little black gnats hopping all over the surface of the potting mix. They seem very happy now I’ve watered the mix… Aaaargh! With the self-watering pot, the mix has the potential to stay moist and ideal for the reproduction of the cursed insects for weeks!

News Flash!!  Apparently a bowl of vinegar with a little water sitting on the top of the potting mix should do the trick… Will try this method before dragging the plant outside…

If any of you have any suggestions how to get rid of these little nasties I’d really appreciate your help 🙂

Fungus Gnat - Annoying Little Fkkr!

Gnats To You!

This morning I woke to what I would call a “normal” morning. My son called to me and woke me from my deep and blissful slumber. Still in my stupor I stumbled to the door of his room to greet him (the door knob is too high for him to open himself) and we played on his bed for a short while.

After breakfast my son (Mr D) says “Mama, ants on the rocks! Ants on the rocks!” What the… Surely He’s not inventing new cocktails yet?

I have a large Yucca plant in a big pot next to the lounge with white rocks on top as mulch and on closer inspection, it looks as though he’s right! Ants – and thousands of them! My mind reeling with ideas of how they may have been attracted to this particular plant, I notice a sweet smell and automatically decide that Mr D has spilled something sweet on the plant and the ants have come to feast.

But they’re not really moving like ants and…wait a minute – they’ve got wings and they’re milling about on the wall and the curtain… What the hell are these little fkkrs?

I bloody love the internet. I Googled it. Turns out they’re fungus gnats!!! Bugger! Apparently they live in the potting mix and if it gets waterlogged and fungus begins to grow, then the fungus gnats say “Yeehah Grandma” and begin to multiply like the insect equivalent of rabbits. I kind of liked the self-watering pot up until today…

These Bugs Look Good Enough To Eat! (image by John Dilot)

I removed all of the white stones with the gnats attached, put them in a bucket and poured boiling water onto them. That swiftly ended the baby boomers party! I’ve wiped the trunk of the yucca and sprayed the top of the soil and the trunk with an insecticidal soap spray. According to a couple of gardening information sites it’s not the right stuff for the job but it’s all I’ve got for the moment. At the last inspection there were no new bugs. I await with anticipation…