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Ravishing Rumballs

I created this version of Rumballs on Christmas eve and have made two delectable batches of them ‘cos one batch just wasn’t enough! They were a huge hit with family and friends and I will definitely be making them again. They are chock full of yumminess and fairly boozy, so parental guidance is recommended for the littlies.

I actually caught Mr D with his fingers in the bowl saying “yummy mum, mmmmm yummy chocolate….” when I walked back into the kitchen after answering the phone… After a small panic attack because I’d already added the rum, I covered the mixture and popped it in the fridge out of reach. Thankfully he didn’t appear drunk,  he always slurs his words a bit… :-0!


300g plain sweet biscuits crushed

1 tin condensed milk

1/2 cup coconut

6 tblsp good quality cocoa

1/4 cup raisins chopped

6 tblsp dark rum

250g block of good quality dark cooking chocolate,  like Green and Blacks or Lindt

2 toothpicks


1. In a large bowl, combine all ingredients except cooking chocolate

2. Refrigerate for several hours – overnight is best.

3. Roll teaspoons of the mixture into balls. Refrigerate for an hour or two.

4. Melt chocolate either in a bowl over a saucepan of simmering water or in the microwave.

5. Use toothpicks to pick up the rumballs and dip them into the melted chocolate and place onto baking paper.

6. Refrigerate until chocolate is firm – this doesn’t take long.


Here is an awful picture of my rumballs they actually look a lot better than that in the flesh and taste – amazing! My beautiful Irish friend loved both my rumballs and my margarita’s so much, she decided they were worth combining and popped a rumball on top of her drink! Cheers!